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  • Innovative system which increases the working pressures of SIEX-HC systems to 60 bar
  • INERT-SIEX™ 541 CFT regulates the outflow of gas, providing a constant flow during discharge.
  • Complete protection for the entire building with one unit.
  • Kitchen hood protection to include in all appliances with high risk of combustion.
  • Two lines of activation for dual function in autonomous detection.
  • Designed to protect small spaces with clean agents.
  • Petrol Station protection with dry chemical.

Leaders in fire extinguishing systems. Manufacture and sale.

Last News

SIEX has obtained the Factory Mutual (FM, USA) approval for its inert gas based systems: INERT-SIEX™ 01 (Ar) / INERT-SIEX™ 55 (Ar + N2) / INERT-SIEX™ 100 (N2) / INERT-SIEX™ 541 (Ar + N2 + CO2)
After obtaining UL (Underwriter laboratories) listed for the IG-55 clean agent, the INERT SIEX IG-55 system is renowned as one of the most competitive and effective on the market.
This means that customers benefit from the most versatile equipment on the market, with the most multi-purpose and most-used agent, and also with the highest independent guarantees of quality.


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