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SIEX IG-541: INNOVATION IN INERT GAS SYSTEMS: SIEX® Inert Gas systems using IG-541 as the extinguishing agent have just obtained UL listing.
SIEX obtained the Factory Mutual (FM, USA) approval for its SIEX HC-227 (25 and 42 bar) and SIEX-HC227 S-Flow (32, 34, 50 and 55 bar) systems, which use the biggest selling extinguishing agent worldwide, DuPont FM-200®.
SIEX is granted UL listing for its SIEX HC-227 and SIEX HC-227 S-FLOW systems. The most competitive equipment on the market: optimization of components, a variety of pressures and maximum extinguishing safety.


SIEX® will be in EXPOFUEGO CHILE 2014
SIEX® will be at the "Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels" Congress in Bergen, Norway.