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  • Innovative system which increases the working pressures of SIEX HC systems to 60 bar
  • INERT-SIEX 541 CFT regulates the outflow of gas, providing a constant flow during discharge.
  • Complete protection for the entire building with one unit.
  • Kitchen hood protection to include in all appliances with high risk of combustion.
  • Two lines of activation for dual function in autonomous detection.
  • Designed to protect small spaces with clean agents.
  • Petrol Station protection with dry chemical.

Leaders in fire extinguishing systems. Manufacture and sale.

Last News

SIEX now forms part of the exclusive group of manufacturers that have Factory Mutual accreditation for their fixed CO2 systems, demonstrating that their products are the highest quality in the world.
Once more, SIEX is distinguished as a worldwide leader in fire-fighting protection for being the first to obtain UL listed for SIEX IG-01 systems with argon. SIEX is the only company that offers UL listed with this agent.
CO2 is probably the most widely installed and used gas-based extinguisher in the world.


Siex estará presente en la EXPO NFPA 2015 en Chicago
Siex estará presente en MEXICO FIRE EXPO