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Cable tunnels

Cable tunnels

A vital goal from the fire protection standpoint is to prevent fires and stop them from spreading, especially in older facilities, which implies active protection solutions supplemented with passive protection systems.


The challenge in terms of protection in these types of installations increases due to factors such as: access difficulty, sometimes with narrow and unprepared entrances, or accesses far from where the outbreak occurs makes it difficult to move firefighting personnel to the area. Another difficulty is the build-up of heat. The fire takes place in an enclosed area. Unlike building fires on the surface, heat does not dissipate, so very high temperatures are reached.


Cable insulation coatings and plastics are another issue. Although much progress has been made in making these coatings fire-resistant, there are still cables coated in combustible materials, chilled with oils or in large bundles accumulating combustible material. So far, the lack of legislation for protecting these areas, coupled with the inefficiency of some fire protection solutions, leaves these important and vulnerable areas unprotected.


Cable Tunnels Protection