Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts

The most common industries in which these hazards occur are:


  • Processing plants
  • Assembly lines in general
  • Food industry
  • Farming, forestry, mining


Most processing, resource exploitation and chain production industries use conveyor belts to streamline their business. A conveyor belt is a means for transporting materials horizontally or on a gradient on a flexible rolling surface, ideal for moving anything from large amounts of material to components or products within production lines


It is important to consider its different parts in order to design a comprehensive and effective fire protection system: Conveyor belts comprise motors, structure, rollers and endless moving belt.


Quick action at the first sign of fire is critical if it is to be controlled and extinguished before it can spread, either along the chain or to either side. The fact that the system features continuous automated operation mechanisms hinders fire protection, which can be even more complicated with movable or adjustable conveyors. 


If the conveyor parts are affected, the result may more or less lengthy and costly downtime, spreading to other sectors, trapping staff, contamination of products and interruption of dependent processes, and more. For hazards in motion, reaction time determines the extent of the damage.


Conveyor Belts Protection