Electrical Panel Rooms

Electrical Panel Rooms

Electrical panel rooms house the electrical and automation systems for factories, businesses and large retail centres. It is one of the key areas for companies’ production. 


Electricity is a major fire hazard. A simple short circuit can cause large fires if it is not controlled in time. Uninterrupted protection must be ensured since a fire here would mean the failure of all systems, resulting in dramatic consequences. Without an adequate fire protection system in place, a fire could spread quickly to other areas and increase damages exponentially. 


The internal factors which often carry higher risk are very difficult to control. The most common are: false floors and ceilings without maintenance, sparks from switches, short circuits, overloads, static electricity, etc. Other factors which are rarely taken into account and yet are major hazards include, for example, small debris inside units, environmental temperature conditions and even maintenance activities resulting in altered operation of devices and thus involving increased risk. It is therefore very important to have fixed extinguishing systems that act early at the first sign of fire so that it does not spread.


The following considerations for protection must be taken into account:

  • Extinction by total flooding 
  • Possibility of backup systems depending on the protocol 
  • Ability to protect several independent spaces


Electrical Panels Room Protection