Industrial kitchens

Industrial kitchens

Kitchens are rooms where an outbreak of fire can occur quite easily. Since food preparation involves, in large part, the use of equipment capable of releasing a lot of heat and even flames—in the case of gas burners—kitchens are considered high-risk enclosures.  This may affect the enclosure or, if the fire spreads, the entire building. 


Installing fire protection equipment is therefore advisable, especially for medium power and above, to protect the hazard elements in the kitchen and extraction ducts.


Some kitchen elements pose electrical hazards and release high temperatures. Hot oil in fryers also poses a hazard, as does the accumulation of grease in ovens, filters and ducts. 


All these hazards can act both on: 

  • solids (wrapping of all kinds, cloths...)
  • liquids (oils, detergents, alcohol...)
  • flammable gases (butane, propane, natural gas)


Industrial Kitchens Protection