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Large vehicles

Large vehicles

Large commercial vehicles feature powerful engines that get very hot. They also have large tanks containing lubricants, combustible liquids and hydraulic lines capable of causing a fire due to an accident or a leak.


These vehicles include industrial machinery, construction equipment, public transport vehicles, agricultural and mining machinery. Heavy machinery such as excavators, tunnel boring machines, loaders, HGVs, dumpers or compactors contain large quantities of fuel as well as oil at high temperatures. These vehicles must be protected to prevent damage caused by a possible fire inside, both to workers who operate them and to the high-value vehicle itself.


Given the high risk of engine fire, installing an automatic protection system is advisable to prevent accidental fires and to reduce damage in case of fire by acting quickly to extinguish it, thus avoiding more serious damage and the risk of explosion from combustible liquids. Besides engines, other areas to be protected include hydraulic lines, transmission and the area under the driver's cab, using nozzles properly located to cover all risk areas.


Large Vehicles Protection