Products and Systems

A key aspect that defines us is our commitment to making sure each customer has the best protection. This is why we offer the widest range of systems and agents, allowing us the freedom to recommend the most suitable protection in each case, without prejudice, and benefit from the special features that make each individual system the most practical, safe and cost effective choices. 


SIEX manufactures and supplies Clean Agents, Water Mist, Foam and Dry Chemical Systems, Kitchen Protection Systems, Protection of Small Spaces, Standalone Detection Systems and other equipment. To ensure this exclusive protection, SIEX is committed to innovate and expand its product portfolio year after year. We work very hard to obtain the strictest quality approvals for all our systems and to develop new equipment with the most innovative agents.

SIEX-HC™ is notable for its rapid action and high degree of safety, making it optimal for protecting occupied areas and high value enclosures.


We manufacture all of our systems using the highest working pressures:

SIEX-HC™ 227 (25 and 42 bar) 

SIEX-HC227 S-FLOW (32, 34, 50, 55 and 60 bar)

SIEX-HC™125 (25 and 42 bar)

SIEX-HC™13 (high pressure)

SIEX NC-1230

The extinguishing mechanisms are the most environmentally-friendly. Their high operating pressure allows piping systems with long runs and many direction changes. They maintain oxygen levels appropriate for use in occupied areas.

CONSTANT FLOW TECHNOLOGY is a new system that achieves more uniform discharges and lower installation costs.

We supply all of the extinguishing agents on the market (IG-01 /  IG-55 / IG-100 / IG-541)



(Ar) at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) IG-01



(Ar & N) at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) IG-55



(N) at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) IG-100



(Ar & N & CO) at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) IG-541

INERT-SIEX CFT-01 (Constant Flow Technology)

at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) - IG-01

INERT-SIEX CFT-55 (Constant Flow Technology)

at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) - IG-55

INERT-SIEX CFT-100 (Constant Flow Technology)

at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) - IG-100

INERT-SIEX CFT-541 (Constant Flow Technology)

at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 bar) - IG-541

CO₂ equipment is used for total flooding in unoccupied areas and for local application in occupied areas. Its low cost and ease of refilling makes it one of the most widely used agents.


SIEX™ has all the components for:






Dry chemical is intended for special fires which are extinguished by smothering the flame. It is often used on outdoor hazards.


The SIEX range of dry chemical includes specific systems for:


SIEX IND-PE™ (protection of petrol stations)

SIEX IND-PC™ (protection of paint booths)

SIEX IND-V™ (protection of vehicles)

SIEX FOAM PREMIX  provide suitable equipment to cover large hazard areas for both indoor and outdoor applications. In premix foam systems, the water and foam are already mixed in the appropriate extinguishing proportion.

Its advanced technology creates an extinguishing cloud of tiny particles of water that, unlike sprinkler systems, does not soak the contents of the affected area . We offer equipment for any size of system using:





SIEX-KP is designed to provide fire protection for the entire kitchen, including extraction ducts, hood filters and all hazardous components (according to the NFPA 17A standard).The aqueous mixture does not harm stainless steel and leaves no residue. As an added advantage this equipment may be installed in three different detection and release configurations: electrical and mechanical.

SIEX-SMS systems use clean agents with small systems with the aim of being able to fit them into tight enclosures. They may be installed with an independent detection panel or the use of detection tube for stand-alone detection and extinguishment.

SIEX TK and SIEX IND are designed to provide complete stand alone extinguishing systems using mechanical and thermal detection and activation. They may also be installed to complement electric detection systems for added safety.