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Our values

Our values

Environmentally friendly. 


Today, humanity is aware how fragile the planet is. It is crucial to take all of the necessary measures to preserve our atmosphere. Government agencies have decided to limit substances that affect the environment. However, one of the most serious problems stems from uncontrolled fires over large areas that often contain materials that give off toxic fumes. 


These hazards need to be protected with a quick and effective means that minimizes the damage. SIEX is well aware of these problems. We therefore work with fast-acting and environmentally friendly products, ensuring that the extinction effects will always be beneficial for the planet. 


To provide the safety required in this regard is one of our main objectives. This is why we go a step further, offering the widest range of inert gas systems in the market. These gases come from the atmosphere and thus have no effect on it. You can perform full-scale tests without any damage to the atmosphere.