SIEX™ IND-PE Petrol Stations

SIEX™ IND-PE Petrol Stations

The SIEX™ IND-PE petrol station protection system is a fire protection system developed by SIEX to allow the occupants of parked vehicles at a petrol station to evacuate the hazard area in the event of a fire created by a fuel spill, aiming to controlling small fires in the protected area.

This equipment is designed from the concept of modular protection. This way, properly located pairs of nozzles protect the hazard of a specific size. A pressurized storage cylinder contains extinguishing agent (ammonium phosphate) which supplies the calculated amount of agent to the nozzles via a piping network.

At the same time, a network of strategically placed heat detectors measure the temperature in the hazard area and send a signal to the control panel in the event of a temperature increase greater than the detector’s threshold.

The panel then sends a signal to the control head which releases the powder cylinder. The assembly features a mechanical means of further activation without electricity which allows activating the system manually. Other functions can also be controlled from the fire panel, such as shutting down the pumps and a sounding alarm. 


Product Data
  • Simple installation and small footprint.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Manual release option.
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