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SIEX™ IND-V Vehicles

SIEX™ IND-V Vehicles

The design of the vehicle protection equipment stands out for its early detection system to allow the fire to be suppressed in its initial phase, minimizing the damage caused and preventing it from spreading to other areas.


The SIEX IND-V vehicle system includes a control panel which shows the status of the equipment at all times using LEDs and acoustic alarms. This ensures the user is aware at all times of whether the system is operating correctly or a fire has occurred in the vehicle.


The control panel obtains the vehicle status information from a series of detectors, which can be either heat or optical infra-red detectors. When the agent needs to be discharged, it does so through a network of brass nozzles which allow a high agent flow rate.


Product Data
  • Minimal space required for the cylinder.
  • Light-weight system.
  • Early detection and rapid extinguishment.
  • Suitable for flammable liquids.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Minimal installation cost.
  • No risk for people.
SIEX™ IND-V for Vehicles