Pressure Relief Systems

Pressure Relief Systems

Mechanisms to ensure the integrity of protected rooms. Discharging gaseous agents stored at high pressure creates a pressure increase in the enclosure into which they are released.


In certain cases, these enclosures do not manage to offset this pressure increase and keep it under certain values to ensure its structural integrity. So this calls for an overpressure relief system, consisting of dampers designed based on specific variables.


These include the working pressure, the design concentration and amount of agent to discharge, existing leakage area, the allowable overpressure and the discharge time. The operation of these devices is simple. Under normal conditions they keep the space airtight, but following the discharge, the excess pressure causes the louvers of the damper to move. The louvers return to their initial position once the excess of gaseous substances has been vented, ensuring that the extinguishing agent remains inside the room for as long as necessary.


Performing a leakage test is advisable, for which SIEX has equipment and qualified personnel at hand. The report issued after the test is carried out provides a precise measurement of the total leakage area of the space in question.


Product Data
  • Simple installation
  • Automatic and standalone operation
  • 2-hour fire resistance to BS 1363-1
  • 85% free passage for gas (free venting area)
  • Inside and outside grille kits
  • Optional special frame for installation in doors and ceilings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Used for CO2 and inert gas systems
Pressure Relief Systems